Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Picture yourself: You are ripping it up on the ski slopes. The conditions are perfect, 10 inches of fresh powder, beautiful sunny day, no crowds and that cute guy or girl that smiled at you in the snack bar line-up keeps "running into you". Life could not be better, you are shedding the Gnar listening to your favorite tunes and thinking of how to turn the day's current flirting into something more romantic.

You find yourself with that same guy or girl that you have been trading googly eyes with on top of a nearby ridge when the Aurora Borealis starts it's magical light show. Your new found crush then leans in towards you and gently whispers "do you have a bottle opener?. They have a ice cold six pack of your favorite imported beer. Next thing both of you are trying your hardest to use whatever grade 11 physics left in your memory to pry, pop, heave, and dislodge a simple metal cap from a glass bottom.

If you don't want to be caught in this situation perhaps you need to swing by your local gear shop this fall and pick up a pair of Outdoor Research Blackpowder Gloves. These waxed goat leather gloves have a built-in bottle opener on the middle finger of the right glove. Now you can be the hero of the Apres Ski party with these fashionable, yet functional ski gloves.

At $75 these gloves can keep your hands warm during the day and assist in keeping your head a little fuzzy during the day.


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  1. HAHA. and thinking maybe a cork screw on a finger also. And maybe a flame out of a finger too. And what else...... www.islikely.com